Top Investment Ideas for 2014

The following picks are my investment ideas for 2014. Invest at your own risk. I'm not your financial advisor.
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Nginx Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy for Node.js Applications On Digital Ocean

Digitial Ocean is rad. A modern VPS with SSD servers for super cheap. Easy to spin up or down. Cloning and backing up images are a breeze and they have a solid, easy to use API with a great support team.
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Data Is The Most Valuable Commodity On Earth

Commodities, such as oil, gold and soybeans, are tangible, real, transportable and tradeable and have been used a means of doing business, hedging risk, investing and even speculating for hundreds of years. Recently though, traditional commodities have experienced lackluster returns for investors whereas a new, intangible and only virtually transportable commodity has soared in popularity: data.
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Why Over The Top Messaging Is Mobile's Newest Monetization Platform

Text messaging. Remember that? Of course you do. You probably text people on a regular basis. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have benefited from this asynchronous form of short messaging for years and have collected hefty revenues from it as well. In fact, Portio Research estimates SMS revenues will top $150 Billion this year alone. But MNOs aren't they only ones benefiting. Texting has led to all types of uses beyond just communicating with another person; it has led to branded campaigns, voting and of course spam.
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Instagram Is Visual Twitter

If you haven't heard, Instagram recently announced the ability to tag people in photos. They have cleverly marketed it as "Photos of You" which puts the focus on tagging people, but this also presents the opportunity for brands to be tagged as well.
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Ubiquitous Self-Documentation and The Abolishment of Privacy

SXSW is truly a social experiment every year it takes place in beautiful Austin, Texas. The combination of Film, Technology (Interactive) and Music makes for a perfect blend of creatives, professionals, influencers and geeks.
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Passwords Are Dead

Ask yourself this question: Is entering your username and password on your smartphone to log into your Facebook account a pleasant or annoying experience? The latter is typically the response from most people. I would agree.
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App Downloads Are A False Metric

As a voracious reader and consumer of data and infographics, I've come across a growing trend that many companies, agencies and developers are using to measure the growth or impact that an app may have and they measure that by aggregate app downloads. This is fool's gold. Usage is ultimately what matters.
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Omnichannel First

Mobile first, web second.
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It's The Ecosystem, Stupid

In the mobile and casual computing landscape there will only be three major players: Apple ($AAPL), Google ($GOOG) and Microsoft ($MSFT). Why? Because they have and are continuing to build omni-channel, multi-device ecosystems.
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The Need for New Metrics

In our new world of constant, personal streaming data points such as followers, retweets, pins, comments, shares, plus ones, watchers, likes, likes, and likes it only seems fitting that at some point, we are going to have to have some new way of measuring the intersection and union of all of these data points and more importantly, their relevance. To me, measuring something that is only in the web context, a website's pageview, is not only archaic and irresponsible but screams for the undeniable need for new network metrics.
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The Magazine Industry's Death Rattle

Esquire Sex Magazine Cover
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Google Drive Search with Alfred App

Here's a quick productivity hack for you. If you don't already use Alfred you should. It is a fantastic productivity tool much faster than Spotlight or Quicksilver, in my opinion.
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The Future of Check-Ins Is Not About Location

In response to an article on Read Write Web titled Life After Death of the Check-In I felt compelled to not only comment on it, but ultimately write the following blog post.
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In-App Product Placement Or The Future of Mobile Ads

Ask nearly anyone if they want ads in their mobile experience and most of them will respond with a stentorian "no". The late Steve Jobs even stated in 2010 that mobile ads "suck". Yet the dollar spend in mobile "ads" is going up exponentially and is predicted to soar over the next few years, from $3.3 billion in 2011 to a whopping $20.6 billion by 2015.
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Where The iPhone App Dashboard Breaks Down

Apple is undeniably one of the best, if not the best, user-focused design companies in the world. The marriage of industrial design with elegant hardware and software has created one of the greatest devices ever: the iPhone.
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On The Poisonous Thinking of Dot-Com Products

A wise friend and colleague of mine said sometime last year that there is a "changing of the guards" taking place in the dot-com and pre-dot-com era technology companies with, fresh, young blood taking the helm at key positions. I wholeheartedly agree with this assertion, but what does that have to do with the title of this post.
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The Biggest Game Changer for the Super Bowl Is Mobile Apps

It's that time of the year again where loads of Americans gather around the TV, collectively consume 1.25 billion chicken wings and actually stay tuned to watch commercials. And yes, there is a pretty big football game that takes place as well.
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Pinterest Is Not A Virtual Pinboard

With all the hubbub around Pinterest lately, people have been chatting about many things from the sexy user experience to how Pinterest is not ready for tech brands. Yawn. The real story that people are missing is how Pinterest has unlocked the secret to get their users to create personal, profiled, curated storefronts.
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Using the Async Module for Rational Flow Control

The bottom line: the async module provides you a way to write asynchronous code in a clean, readable and useful fashion. It should be yet another tool in your kit for node programming.
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On QR Codes

Many insights in regards to mobile strategy overall can be gained at the flaws and failures/lack of current success of QR codes, namely from a UX perspective (poor software) and more importantly the context of the end user.
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Foursquare + American Express = Small Business Saturday

This past shopping frenzy of a weekend (the weekend following Thanksgiving with Black Friday now starting at 10pm on Thanksgiving night, which is Thursday) there was actually a program piloted by one of Foursquare's biggest partners, American Express ($AXP) called Small Business Saturday.
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